Monday, August 29, 2011


Wow! Well, we've been homeschooling for almost a month, and it's a BLAST! But, we have been super busy, and I have forgotten to post... So, let me just tell you what all we've done.

We started on August 3rd, and started with some basic addition and subtraction, to get back into the swing of things. Then we moved on very quickly to multiplication and division. No problems there, so we started on fractions. And we've been slowly progressing through fractions and making sure she gets it down. We're now starting to multiply fractions.

We've also learned the 13 original colonies, how America was discovered and named, and we're now going a bit deeper in our study of the colonies. We're going to study each colony individually.

We've covered the different parts of speech, although we are slowing down a bit and making sure she has them down pat. Also working on handwriting and punctuation.

Each week, she has 10 words that she must look up the definitions on, look up 2-3 synonyms, write 10x each, and write a complete sentence for. At the end of the week, she needs to be able to explain what the word means, use it in a sentence for me, and she must spell it correctly in ASL.

Yes, we're doing electives. Art, American Sign Language, and Music Appreciation. She didn't realize that you could learn about music without an instrument, but she's getting the idea now. :)

In art, we've studied cubism and impressionism. This week, pointillism!

In science, we've studied the differences between plant and animal cells, and made a paper pyramid parachute. We're also working on the table of elements.

Yeah, I think that pretty much covers everything we're doing at the moment! Like I said, we've been BUSY! But, hopefully we'll take Wednesday off for a party at the park with a bunch of other homeschool kids! Sounds like a blast, and it will take place while the public school kids are all in school! :)

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