Friday, August 5, 2011

It's official!!!

Well, we got her all signed up and bought everything I wanted to buy for learning fun... And started homeschooling on the 3rd of August! It takes her a couple of hours a day, but we're just easing our way into it. We're mostly reviewing what she's already learned, and seeing what she needs to learn. I tested her spelling (I thought she was a HORRIBLE speller, but she's actually AHEAD of her grade level) and she's on 6th grade spelling words.
We're both loving the flexibility of being able to live a life, and have fun, and do things she wouldn't normally be able to do during school. We've got some fun things planned for school! Trips to museums, and all kind of fun educational things we can do around town! I'm very excited, and I honestly wish I'd started this YEARS ago!

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