Saturday, September 10, 2011

Changing it up!

Okay, after a discussion with a much more experienced homeschooling parent, I realized I'm doing it backwards! Her way is MUCH better. I was using my big binder to hold all of the work she's already done, and using smaller binders for the individual subjects... I never really thought that through, but that left us tied to the Rubbermaid storage tub we're keeping all of this stuff in... Well, I've now divided the work she's completed into the smaller binders, and she now only has to work out of one. MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! LOL It's a learning process for us both :)


  1. That DOES make sense. Funny how sometimes it is the simplest solutions that provide the best answer in our complicated quests to achieve something (anything really, not just homeschooling dilemmas).

    Anyway, thank you for stopping by Lala musings: The McDonald’s Enigma and introducing me to your fabulous blog. I have great respect for mothers who home-school!

    p.s. I am also a new follower from the FNF blog hop.

    Cheers ~ Rachel :-)

  2. Thanks for following my two blogs. I am now following both of your blogs. Hey, do you mind showing me how you made the header for your blog? I have been trying to figure out how to do that for my blogs, but am pretty bad at computer stuff.
    Nicole Weaver

  3. Hi, Nicole! Thanks for following my blogs! I made the header in a program called, which you can download at Once I had the image, I went to Design on my dashboard, and added the image where you put the blog title. I still haven't come up with one that I like for my other blog, yet. LOL. If you have anymore questions, I'd be happy to help as much as possible. I'm still very new at this, too!

  4. Changing things up doesn't mean you were doing it'll find all sorts of things to do differently as you go. Years down the road you might go back to what you were doing when you first started and wonder why you switched! The important thing is that you are keeping your eyes open for beter ideas..good work!

    following you back from

  5. Thank you so much for following out of the ordinary!!! I was pleasantly surprised to see your blog on home schooling. I am hugely looking into homeschooling my boys when they are ready. I am looking forward to your updates!!! ;)

  6. Thanks for passing on the tip. =) Is it neurotic that I'm writing this down in a notebook I have for notes for when my 2 and a half year old starts school? Lol.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Tots and ME. I am now following your blog. My girls are only 4.5, 3 and 1, but this was a great tip, thanks.


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