Monday, October 10, 2011

Back to School!!!

After a rather long hiatus from homeschool to let her new medicine get into her system, we're finally able to start back. She's able to concentrate more now. I know today is Columbus Day, but we didn't realize that when we decided that we would start back today, so we're doing a study on Columbus and his journey to America. My daughter already knows who discovered America, and that the Native Americans were already here, but now we'll go into detail about the voyage and why it was so important. Anyway, we're ready to get back to work, and learn a lot more! I'm going to ease her back in by doing a bit of a refresher on the subject material we've already covered. You know, a quick refresh on the math and science and stuff. :)

So glad that her new medication is working out so well, and I love the fact that it isn't a stimulant! Those made me nervous, but I have seen NO side effects from this medicine at all. And it seems to work a little better each day! So glad we switched :) And I'm thrilled that we were able to switch. Public school wouldn't have been understanding about this at all, and she would've been in a LOT of trouble during the transition period. Almost certainly suspended, and quite possibly expelled. This wouldn't have been possible in public school! :) Yay for homeschool!!!


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