Sunday, November 27, 2011

Neglecting this blog...

I've been neglecting this blog lately, because my other blog keeps me SO busy, and I apologize. Here's what's been going on in our lives...

The new medicine is working, though I still think it could work better. We've been back at homeschooling for a while now, and things are going great! She also has a new doctor prescribing her medicine, and he's great. Some things we've been working on in homeschool include some introductions to geometry (Math is her best subject, so advancing here is much easier for her) and we spent a good deal of time learning about the history of our great country, and the first Thanksgiving meal. We made some Thanksgiving crafts for art, and have continued working on states and capitals.

In science, (her favorite subject, but not one of her best) we've been working on the elements and reading the Periodic Table. We'be gone over the makeup of elements and atoms. And in language, we've been covering the parts of speech, and labeling these parts in sentences. I'm going a bit slower with this, as I want it to stick, but also because this wasn't MY best subject, so I'm getting a refresher on it as well.

In the coming weeks, we will spend a lot of time focusing on the holidays. She already knows about Christmas, and how it all started, so I could go into a little more detail with her on that, but I also want her to understand the other celebrations that happen in December, even though we don't celebrate them. I think exposing her to other cultures and celebrations is important. I believe the only way to stop hate is to educate. I hope we're not the only ones who feel this way, and hopefully the next generation will be nicer!

I will make more of an effort to update this blog more regularly. Thanks for sticking with me! And check out my other blog, too! I've got LOTS of stuff happening over there! Product reviews and giveaways!!!

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